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Miller Lite

Miller Lite

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Wisconsin- Light Lager- Gold Medal 2014 GABF. Pours a pale straw yellow color. Aromas of fresh corn and adjunct grains with subtle hints of lemon and grass. Taste is dominated by corn and sweet malts with hints of bread and rice.

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    Lagers represent some of the most approachable, easy-drinking beer styles available, which contributes to Lager’s consumption edge over ale, despite the fact that ale styles are more numerous and were consumed thousands of years before lagering and cold-aging took hold.

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    Formulated to be lighter, lower-carbohydrate and lower-calorie than traditional American-style Lagers, light beer delivers mild malt and hop aroma and flavor along with high carbonation. The light-beer style emerged in the United States in the late 1960s. Heavy marketing since the 1970s has pushed the style past its non-light siblings as the beer now most identified as “American beer.” With domestic light lagers the No. 1-selling beer style by liquid volume in the United States, large foreign breweries took notice. Amstel Light, Beck’s Premier Light and Labatt Blue Light are among the light versions of premium lagers they now export to the United States.

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